Shipping and delivery

Evy Alfrida wears women and girls all over the world in our nice and Swedish designed clothes, therefore we offer freight to all the host’s corner. Please read our information about the shipping and shipping rules before ordering. We would also like to ask you to read our Terms of Sale to ensure you are satisfied and happy when ordering Evy Alfrida products.

Romantic and feminine clothes from Sweden to you with love ♥


Within Sweden, you are free to order from us. If you live in an EU country, you will receive 9 €  in shipping. If you live outside the EU, you will receive 19 € in shipping.

We ship worldwide, but if you live in a non-EU country, there may be additional fees such as duties, taxes and other fees that must be paid by you as a customer. If you are not sure what is applicable to your country, please refer to your local customs office to request more information about any local taxes.

Please contact us for any questions.


Delivery time depends on which part of the world we ship your order, but within Sweden the delivery time is 1-3 days. We will always ship your order within 1-2 business days from when we received your order.